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Rotterdam, the city of innovation and experimentation – get inspired!

July 19, 2024/

Renowned for its innovative spirit and experimental urban projects, Rotterdam recently hosted a staff exchange as part of the BUILD project. It boasts to be the second largest city in The Netherlands, and the largest city within the BUILD project consortium. Thus, the exchange provided a unique opportunity for procurement…

Driving innovation in smaller municipalities: BUILD staff exchange in Tartu

July 19, 2024/

Tartu is an Estonian city with approximately 100,000 inhabitants. Its Municipality doesn’t have a separate procurement department. Despite that, Tartu showcases that size does not limit the capacity for innovation. As the smallest municipality participating in the BUILD project, the recent staff exchange demonstrated its ability to lead in public…

Strategies for Successful Innovation Procurement Through Staff Exchanges

July 8, 2024/

Innovation procurement is a key mechanism for governments and cities to encourage innovation, aligning with economic, environmental, and social policy objectives. However, it is often unclear what innovation truly entails. And how it is possible to break the traditional procurement frame with innovative solutions. BUILD’s public procurers gathered to exchange…

Join Us at the SIPE Conference: Scaling-Up Innovation Procurement in Europe

May 24, 2024/

The SIPE Conference is a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of innovation procurement, connect with like-minded professionals, and contribute to shaping the future of innovation procurement in Europe. It is a must-attend for procurement professionals, offering unmatched opportunities for learning, networking, and collaborating to scale-up innovation adoption.

5 Lessons Learned from BUILD’s Innovation Procurement Training Sessions

May 21, 2024/

The BUILD project organised a series of transformative, practical training activities in March and April 2024 that brought together stakeholders from across Europe. Although they were based on local successes and tools available in Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, and The Netherlands, the impact of Innovation Procurement can extend across all European…

Empowering Sustainability: Slovakia Hosts Training on Innovation Procurement

May 16, 2024/

The Energy Management International Conference 2024 in Slovakia was the perfect incubator to host BUILD’s training event. In this enchanting hub, high in the Tatra mountains, over 100 stakeholders were united in their commitment to driving sustainability through innovative procurement solutions. Let´s have a closer look at this unique event.

Geemente Rotterdam Hosts Innovative Training on Public Procurement

May 10, 2024/

Innovation adoption is a hallmark of the procurement process in Rotterdam. Results speak for themselves, considering the Procura+ Innovation Procurement of the Year award, which focused on providing user-friendly and eco-friendly public transport designed around diverse target groups. The innovative procedure used, Forward Committed Procurement, together with a competitive dialogue…

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