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Procurement Leaders Envisioning the Future of Innovation Procurement

February 22, 2024/

A seamless integration of innovation procurement into intricate challenges faced by municipalities, such as the energy transition, circularity, climate change, and sustainability. That is a common aspiration shared by procurement leaders interviewed by the PROCEDIN project. Their key message lies in the alignment of public procurement of innovation with broader…

Tackling Challenges in Procurement Innovation: Addressing Risk Aversion

February 14, 2024/

In the realm of procurement, municipalities grapple with risk aversion, especially when considering innovative approaches. This article explores strategies to address this obstacle. Through insights from the PROCEDIN project’s whitepaper, we aim to share knowledge on the tools needed to overcome these challenges and foster innovation in public procurement.

Overcoming Barriers in Innovation Procurement: the Lack of Capacity

February 9, 2024/

In the pursuit of innovation through procurement, cities face a spectrum of barriers. In this extract from the PROCEDIN’s whitepaper, we delve into the strategies and enablers identified by procurement leaders, determined tackle the lack of capacity of public buyers, and facilitate the implementation of Procurement of Innovation (POI).

Free training on innovative procurement methods by BUILD

February 2, 2024/

Are you a procurement specialist or a public buyer eager to delve into the world of innovative procurement? Are you looking for best practices and useful tools to enhance your approach to procuring innovations? Join the BUILD project's free online training session on 6. March 2024.

Starting Innovation Procurement Journey: Insights and Advice from Leaders

February 1, 2024/

In the third PROCEDIN project’s whitepaper pill, we learn that initiating the procurement of innovation (POI) journey involves a multitude of triggers and dark spots. Through interviews with procurement leaders, various starting points and valuable advice have emerged, providing essential insights for municipalities venturing into the realm of innovation-driven procurement.

Navigating the Landscape of Innovation Procurement: Lessons learnt by cities

January 24, 2024/

The second pill from PROCEDIN’S Whitepaper on adoption of innovation procurement draws insights from eight illustrative case studies. They unfold the journeys of cities, shedding light on their unique challenges, successes, and visions for the future. Each of them provides a nuanced understanding of how cities navigate the complexities of…

PROCEDIN´s WHITE PAPER: Key Elements of Procurement of Innovation, Part 1

January 22, 2024/

BUILD’s sister project, PROCEDIN, elaborated a white paper focusing on the achievement of various form of innovation through public procurement. It collects insights gathered from interviews with 15 public procurement leaders across Europe. They shed light on barriers, enablers, and strategies for successfully leading Procurement of Innovation projects. This is…

BUILDing Innovation Procurement Capacity: A Year in Review

January 15, 2024/

In the landscape of innovation procurement, the BUILD project has been on a journey to cross remarkable advancements over the past year. Join us for a recap of our exciting achievements, as we delve into key milestones and the most useful insights on public procurement of innovation, including tips on…

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