Procurement Leaders Envisioning the Future of Innovation Procurement

The webinar on “Innovative Procurement Methods” delved into the complexities and opportunities surrounding the procurement of innovations. It raised fundamental questions: Is procuring innovations difficult and risky? How do organizations navigate the challenges associated with innovative procurement? 

Let us guide you through the key insights shared during the session, and the next activities we are organising to enhance your Innovation Procurement adoption.   

Case 1: Customer Guidance Service – Pilot Procurement Based on Outcome

Hedy Meinander from the Procurement Services at the City of Turku presented a case study on pilot procurement based on outcomes. The initiative aimed to provide cost-effective job-seeking services for the unemployed, emphasizing the importance of aligning methods and procedures with strategic goals and needs.

Case 2: MaaS Solution – Competitive Dialogue

Jaanus Tamm, Project Manager at Tartu City Government, shared insights into procuring a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution through competitive dialogue. This approach fosters collaboration and innovation, promoting alternatives to private cars and enhancing urban mobility.


Case 3: Zero Emission Vehicle – Negotiation Procedure

Simon De Roo, Expert Buyer from the Municipality of Rotterdam, highlighted the negotiation procedure for procuring zero-emission vehicles for waste collection. This innovative approach involved collaboration between multiple stakeholders to develop sustainable transportation solutions.


Conclusions: Market Dialogue and Knowing Your Risks

The webinar concluded with an emphasis on the importance of market dialogue and understanding procurement risks. Communication, dialogue, and transparency are crucial in navigating the complexities of innovative procurement. Organizations must assess risks, engage with stakeholders, and ensure fairness throughout the procurement process.


Next Steps: National Trainings

You are welcome to further explore innovative procurement methods through the BUILD national trainings. Meet our experts in person, challenge your knowledge and enhance your network! Save the dates and book your travels:

  • Finland: March 27th, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Finnish Time at Yliopistonkatu 27, 20100 Turku and via Teams
  • Slovakia: April 8th-9th at the  Energy Management 2024 Conference, Grand Hotel Bellevue, Horny Smokovec – High Tatras
  • Estonia: April 3rd, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Estonian Time at  VSpa, Finland hall, Riia 2, Tartu and via Teams
  • The Netherlands: April 12th, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Dutch Time at Het Timmerhuis (Halvemaanpassage 1, 3011 AH Rotterdam)


Accessing Extra Cases

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Stay tuned for more updates from BUILD and future webinars exploring the dynamic world of procurement innovation.

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