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Find out here other ongoing projects, initiatives and networks generating valuable outputs and services in the area of innovative procurement and innovative cities!  

PROCEDIN project

Funded by Horizon Europe programme, PROCEDIN aims to: map, make more accessible, and promote the use of, POI development resources, to map and mobilise key POI stakeholders to accelerate and embed POI adoption, to develop, provide and promote uptake of guidance on legal frameworks, to facilitate procurement leadership in driving and embedding POI to generate dynamic innovation ecosystems and to disseminate project activities, resources and other outcomes throughout the duration of the project, via multiple channels to reach all stakeholder groups.

InnoFacilitator project

Health InnoFacilitator aims to create a community leveraging capabilities and promoting innovation procurement within healthcare. It will provide support, tailor-made training and coaching services for buyers and suppliers, develop and foster a community supported by online collaborative tools. Increase the awareness, skills and knowledge about innovation procurement among the buyers and the solution providers/ actors of innovation, build capabilities and therefore fostering the innovation procurement capabilities within the community, providing trainings, mentoring and coaching and supporting the community, which will in return, improve SMEs and startups access to innovation procurement, leverage capability among the buyers to develop innovation procurement, foster public and private partnership to encourage the co-design of innovation procurement.


PROTECT project is dedicated to support urgent action for climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience. It enables public authorities to use state-of-the-art innovation procurement approaches in order to identify solutions – climate services based on Earth Observation – that best fit the specific and systemic needs of the public demand.

It will engage with an extensive and varied community of public buyers and practitioners from environmental transitional/ climate change adaptation services from cities and regions to facilitate the definition and aggregation of their needs and functional requirements for climate services, explaining, fostering and supporting a ‘buying with green impact’ approach. PROTECT will prepare the operational ground for one or more joint, cross border or coordinated pre-commercial procurement (PCP) processes. At policy level, it will provide decision-makers of public procurement, climate adaptation and mitigation, and Earth Observation policies at EU, national, regional and local levels, with practical recommendations and guidelines to boost the use of innovation procurement for climate action.

For more information, visit the project’s website: and  follow PROTECT social media on Twitter: and LinkedIn:

Urban Agenda for the EU

The Urban Agenda for the EU is an integrated and coordinated approach to deal with the urban dimension of EU and national policies and legislation. By focusing on concrete priority themes within dedicated Partnerships, the Urban Agenda seeks to improve the quality of life in urban areas.

One of the partnerships is the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement (Public Procurement | Futurium ( This Partnership created a large European network of public buyers, partners, stakeholders and organisations in the field of innovative, sustainable, social, green and circular public procurement. Within this network they are sharing knowledge on how to use public procurement as a strategic tool in order to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges ( They aim to share their knowledge and experience with all Europeans working in the innovative and responsible procurement field and are therefore partner in the EU funded projects PROCEDIN, PROTECT and LIFE Future Proof Sports Pitches. For information about the Urban Agenda Partnership, please email and visit the project website:


Procure2Innovate is a set-up of a European network of competence centres for innovation
procurement with 12 European countries. Of those members five have set up a new competence
centre. The network has also developed guidance on a variety of subjects related to innovation
procurement. Also the members have set up various working groups for knowledge exchange
between the European competence centres and a buddy System where existing competence centres
and new competence centres can exchange experiences. In 2021 Procure2Innovate has evolved into
a network phase in order to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and best practice exchange
on innovation procurement between old and new partners all around Europe.

To learn more, visit:

European Assistance For Innovation Procurement – EAFIP

EAFIP is an initiative financed by the European Commission (DG CONNECT) to promote good practices and support public procurers in developing and implementing more and better innovation procurements of ICT based solutions across the EU.

EAFIP provides local assistance to selected public procurers in the preparation and implementation of an innovation procurement (using a PCP or PPI procedure), covering for instance scoping an already identified procurement need that can be tackled with innovative solutions, preparing and conducting an EU wide published open market consultation and support in drafting tendering documents.

Public authorities from EU Member States can apply for free support to their innovation procurement project. Find out more about the eligibility and scope.

The Call of 2023 to apply for assistance under EAFIP is open:

Check out the EAFIP-website to download a Toolkit on Innovation Procurement.

EAFIP is coordinated and led by Corvers Procurement Services.


InnoBuyer is an EU-funded project that aims to become a testing ground and benchmark towards the implementation of a demand-driven methodology that brings together public and private organisations (challengers) and innovative companies (solvers), to jointly co- create innovative solutions and speed-up the process leading to a concrete innovation procurement.

For more information, visit the project’s website, sign up for the newsletter and follow InnoBuyer on Twitter and LinkedIn


CircularPSP is preparing a Pre-commercial Procurement for Public Service Platforms for Circular, Innovative and Resilient Municipalities. 7 procurers + 1 associated partner from 8 countries, representing 55 million citizens (DE, FI, TR, SE, IE, PT, SI, UK) including capitals with global influence (Berlin, Helsinki, London, Istanbul) are to invest in R&D for a total sum of €5.64 million (see PIN on TED). 
We are looking for a digital platform enabling and empowering entire municipal operations (city) and the local economy (market) to make use of existing information and knowledge of Circular Economy by integrating them into well designed workflows and knowledge nuggets. Suppliers will develop and make use of taxonomies, AI and NLP. Contracts are awarded in three competitive phases. The platforms are tested in by all procurers with the ambition to make the solution known across Europe. 


In over 30 pilots and 17 Communities of Practice, procurers in organisations around the North Sea have gained hands-on knowledge and experience in circular procurement. This knowledge and experience was shared in peer-to-peer webinars and workshops and provided in easy to use training materials in regional languages. Different tools and monitoring of impact of circular procurement on CO2 emissions, use of virgin materials and waste were among the topics of learning. Guidance on how to engage the internal organization into making a change was developed and three joint statements of demand were set up.
The ProCirc project was funded by Interreg North Sea Region programme over the period December 2018-June 2023. Materials, recordings and guidance can be found on the website The legacy of ProCirc will be transformed into C-Prone, a sharing platform of peers on circular procurement.

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