Tenderio platform

In 2015, PEDAL Consulting with its partners launched a specialised website Tenderio dedicated to improving SME’s access to public procurement. Since then, it has become a leading public tender search engine. On the one side, it covers a pan-European network of 40+ consultancy firms specialising in the public procurement. On the other side, there are thousands of contracting authorities for interested SMEs at the global level.

It helps SMEs evaluate their business development model compared to other companies. In this way they are able to identify prospective partners for joint bids. In addition, Tenderio recommends consultancies to assist SMEs in winning opportunities that advance their growth. It helps them overcome the barriers that inhibited their participation in cross-border procurement, i.e. the language, the bureaucracy, the difficulties in finding local partners and the lack of knowledge about local tender procedures.

Find out more about this exciting platform! https://www.tenderio.com/

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