BUILD project

BUILD project is a 2-year long Coordination and Support Action (1/10/2022 – 30/09/2024), funded by the Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement No. 101070745.

BUILD aims to support boosting the demand for innovative goods and services in Europe by promoting the use of public procurement of sustainable innovation and increasing capacities of cities in innovation procurement. This will be done with several activities aiming to:

To deliver its objective, BUILD will work on several interconnected and inter-dependent tasks, designed towards two main impacts:

BUILD tasks:


Co-creation of innovative approaches for awareness, information and training/education/upskilling on innovation procurement, smart buildings, energy efficiency and infrastructure with the BUILD target stakeholders: public and private buyers, SMEs, and General public through our capacity building activities to take place at later stage of the project.

Inspire & inform

Inspire & inform the stakeholder target groups on innovation procurement legal frameworks and other PPI sectors through an integrated set of activities and formats targeting all stakeholders, to improve awareness of the stakeholders so that they can understand the challenges and embrace the opportunities presented by Innovation Procurement.


Engage all targeted stakeholders to become PPI advocates, the PPI frontrunners in driving the change, attracting and influencing other people in the ecosystem.

Train/ Upskill/ Educate

Train/ Upskill/ Educate to promote attitudinal and behavioural change of decision makers amongst the stakeholder leadership teams: BUILD buyers and SMEs to promote the PPI transition.


Empower to public buyers with the necessary capacities, knowledge and information that they will multiply through their networks to promote the innovation procurement and staff exchanges to stimulate mutual learning and knowledge transfer.

Take a role

Support the public buyers to take a role in the transition to innovation procurement by creating a wide range of opportunities through simulations and other related activities.

Finally, in order to ensure the long-term impact and exploitation, replicability and sustainability of the project outcomes, BUILD implements a wide communication and dissemination activity, creates synergies with other projects and initiatives and consolidates the BUILD model.

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