11th Procura+ Conference invitation

Join the powerful platform for showcasing how cities and public authorities can harness the potential of public procurement, to bring about impactful and transformative change

When: 13-14th March 2024
Where: Lisbon, Portugal

The conference is set to gather a diverse and dynamic group of participants, including representatives from cities, public authorities, the European Commission, business leaders, researchers, and various stakeholders involved in public procurement.

Why to attend?

During this two-day event, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities. Moreover, several sessions are designed to enhance the understanding of how procurement can be leveraged for positive change. Particularly by:

  • Enhancing their procurement expertise through dedicated Breakout sessions.
  • Gaining fresh insights and strategic perspectives from Disruptors and Game Changers.
  • Absorbing valuable lessons from seasoned procurement experts during the Confessions session.
  • Collaborating with colleagues and discovering their most recent tools, endeavours, and projects in the Market Lounge.
  • Uncovering how public funds are allocated to advance technologies and enterprises that promote innovation, net-zero sustainability, and social equity.
  • Delving into the most up-to-date policy revisions and the evolving landscape of procurement practices.

Why is the Procura+ Conference so special?

Over the past 25 years, the Procura+ Conference has evolved into a cornerstone event for European public procurement. It’s a place where sustainable, circular, and innovation procurement policies converge with real-world practice.

The conference has played a pivotal role in birthing groundbreaking procurement innovations. It serves as an essential platform for stakeholders in public procurement to exchange knowledge, build capacity, and expand their networks. All is aimed at accelerating the adoption of high-quality, cost-effective, sustainable, circular, and innovative procurement practices.

Register now and secure your spot at the foreground event on Innovation Procurement: https://conference.procuraplus.org/registration

Stay updated on the conference’s latest developments and visit the official website:
Procura+ Conference website.

Interested in collaboration or having any inquiries about the conference?
Don’t hesitate to reach out to conference@procuraplus.org.

Save the date for the 11th Procura+ Conference in Lisbon and get ready to be part of a transformative journey in public procurement!

The event is organised by ICLEI Europe, in collaboration with ICLEI Member Lisbon.

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