BUILD Project's 2024 Roadmap: A Year Full of Knowledge Discovery and Cooperation

Moving towards the advancement of innovation procurement, the BUILD project reveals a comprehensive plan for 2024. This dynamic roadmap encompasses key activities aimed at increasing knowledge exchange based on international confrontation and interactive gatherings, including the Final Event in Brussels on 18th June 2024.

1.Training of Public Procurers: The Best Way to Embrace Innovation

The project is set to launch a series of training sessions on “How to Procure Innovation.” They will deliver concrete insights into developing Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) strategies in alignment with EU and international best practices

BUILD project partners will organize a comprehensive training session in Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Slovakia, the partner countries focusing on essential topics, such as:

1.Guiding principles
2. Legal knowledge and procedures
3. Preliminary market consultation
4. Pre-commercial procurement
5. Competitive dialogue
6. Competitive procedure with negotiation
7. Innovation partnership
8. Legal questions and considerations
9. Risk assessment

Expect a wealth of knowledge to be shared soon!

2. Staff Exchanges: Cross-country Collaboration Unleashed

In a strategic move towards fostering cross-country collaboration, the BUILD project is set to embark on a series of international staff exchanges. Partners from Estonia, Finland, and the Netherlands will join forces to facilitate the exchange of best practices and initiate discussions on challenges and solutions in PPI.

Such a collaborative effort aligns seamlessly with broader initiatives across the European Union. Member states are actively introducing measures to enhance the skills and competencies of procurement practitioners, including competency frameworks, mandatory certifications, training strategies, and e-learnings. Recognizing the increasing importance of professionalization in procurement, these measures aim to ensure compliance with regulations and deliver optimal value for money. The outcomes of these exchanges promise to enrich the understanding of procurement dynamics.

3.PPI Simulations: An Exercise for all Public Buyers

A highlight of the project’s focus is the design of activities allowing public buyers to simulate the entire innovation procurement life cycle. This includes navigating legal processes involved in PPI. Further, this activity will comprise of the development of a consolidated training approach, in line with the information, methods and experience gathered during the project duration.

4.A Grand Finale: 18th June in Brussels

Marking a significant milestone, the project invites stakeholders to a grand final event on 18th June 2024 in Brussels. The event will bring together the BUILD project, the Innovation Procurement Task Force projects (PROCEDIN, Health InnoFacilitator and InnoBuyer), and other key actors. The event will be a unique opportunity for learning and networking within the procurement community.

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Stay connected, stay informed, and join the BUILD project on this exciting journey!

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