Empowering Sustainability: Slovakia Hosts Training on Innovation Procurement

The Energy Management International Conference 2024 in Slovakia was the perfect incubator to host BUILD’s training event. In this enchanting hub, high in the Tatra mountains, over 100 stakeholders were united in their commitment to driving sustainability through innovative procurement solutions. Let´s have a closer look at this unique event.

Participants challenged each other with critical queries and supported each other by sharing strategic tools. Moreover, also the weather posed some questions: how could it be so hot at the beginning of April? Empowering the adoption of innovative and sustainable solutions could be the answer.

The speakers

Led by esteemed speakers Mr. V. Oros and Mr. Juraj Revický, the BUILD training sessions were tailored to address the specific needs and background of innovation procurement in Slovakia. Over the course of two days, participants delved into a spectrum of topics, ranging from the procurement of energy-efficient solutions to innovative Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) procurement with consideration of life cycle costs.

First training: Efficient public procurement of energy efficient solutions

The first day of training commenced with a deep dive into “Efficient Public Procurement of Energy Efficient Solutions.” Through insightful presentations and practical examples, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework surrounding public procurement, with a particular focus on energy efficiency. Discussions cantered around key considerations such as conditions of participation, evaluation criteria, and recommended procurement schemes, offering invaluable insights into overcoming barriers to procurement of energy-efficient solutions.


Second day: Innovative EPC procurement with consideration of life cycle costs

As the second day unfolded, attention turned to “Innovative EPC procurement with consideration of life cycle costs.” Participants were immersed in discussions on the transformative power of procurement innovation, exploring the concept of EPC as a process of innovation. From environmental protection to circular economy principles, the training delved into the holistic approach required to drive sustainability in energy-efficient building renovation projects.

Throughout the training sessions, lively discussions and interactive sessions sparked engagement and collaboration among participants, reflecting the growing momentum behind innovation procurement in Slovakia.

The journey towards a greener, more sustainable future in Slovakia and Europe is a long way. But we have witnessed how powerful is to train and inspire stakeholders to embrace innovation and harness the transformative power of procurement for the collective good.

Stay tuned for the BUILD knowledge kit: actionable knowledge originating from the analysis of our best practices and lessons learned in this capacity training journey.

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