Geemente Rotterdam Hosts Innovative Training on Public Procurement

Innovation adoption is a hallmark of the procurement process in Rotterdam. Results speak for themselves, considering the Procura+ Innovation Procurement of the Year award, which focused on providing user-friendly and eco-friendly public transport designed around diverse target groups. The innovative procedure used, Forward Committed Procurement, together with a competitive dialogue process, ensured great results and showcased Rotterdam’s significant innovation capacity. Thus the decision to organise one of the national training sessions within the BUILD project here was more than obvious.


On Friday, 12. April 2024, approximately 45 participants gathered, including procurement experts from various cities and institutions such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Hogeschool Rotterdam, and Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen. This dynamic group of learners immersed themselves in a journey of discovery and knowledge exchange on innovative public procurement procedures and sustainable procurement strategies.

Agenda and Speakers

Led by distinguished speakers, the agenda offered a comprehensive overview of innovative procurement methodologies, with a keen focus on legal considerations and practical applications.

Leyla Bozkurt, a seasoned expert in public procurement law, kicked off the session with an insightful exploration of the legal possibilities inherent in innovative procurement procedures. Through interactive discussions, participants delved into various procurement methodologies, including the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation, Competitive Dialogue, and Innovation Partnership.

The subsequent session, led by Godart Croon, a renowned trainer and coach, offered invaluable insights into sustainable procurement practices and strategies to achieve them. Through thought-provoking statements and interactive discussions, participants explored the role of sustainable procurement in driving innovation and fostering collaboration with market stakeholders.

A convergence of minds

Nevertheless, the highlight of the training was witnessing all the participants engaging in small group discussions, creating a live platform to delve deeper into key statements and questions surrounding innovative procurement procedures. The atmosphere buzzed with energy, reflecting the collective commitment to harnessing procurement as a catalyst for innovation.

At the end of the day, the conclusion was clear: it’s essential to utilise innovative procedures to consult the market, foster dialogues, and co-create concrete solutions. Through thoughtful use of award criteria, requirements, and tenderer qualifications, stakeholders can unlock the full potential of innovative procurement, driving positive change and sustainable development.

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