How to Accelerate Innovation Procurement in Europe

In the world of innovation procurement, collaboration and synergy play a crucial role in driving progress and positive change. One of the key elements that fosters this process is the concept of multipliers – diverse groups of key players working together to amplify the impact of innovation initiatives.

Multipliers encompass an assorted range of essential participants: intermediaries, industrial clusters, lobbies, associations, advisors, policymakers, media, and national centres for public administration training. Together, they serve as powerful catalysts, fuelling progress through their synergistic activity.

Let´s have a closer look at some of them.


They act as bridges, fostering collaboration, partnerships, and knowledge exchange among stakeholders:

  • Techleap – an excellent example from the Netherlands linking startups with the Dutch ecosystem.
  • Innocities – the Finnish cooperation of cities focusing on creating a sustainable future through innovation. By 2030, they aim to build the world’s most effective environment for experiments and innovations as part of the InnoCities community.


Lobbies and associations are influential voices that advocate for innovation within specific industries. They play a significant role in shaping policies, promoting best practices, and driving growth in their respective sectors.

  • Teknologiateollisuus: they promote competitiveness and operational preconditions for technology industry growth by providing information, consulting services and networking opportunities.
  • PIIT the organisation advocating for the IT industry in Poland, ensuring its growth and competitiveness.


Their scope is to guide and support aspiring innovators. They provide invaluable counsel, both in the private and public sectors, helping organizations navigate the complexities of innovation.

  • The Science Business Network – a platform uniting industry, research, innovation, and policy, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Policymakers have a significant influence in shaping innovation policies that impact funding mechanisms, intellectual property rights, market access, and more. Ministries of Finance and Economic Affairs are at the forefront of overseeing public procurement policy. They hold the key to creating an innovation-friendly environment, where businesses can thrive and drive economic growth.

For instance, the Ministry of Finance in Finland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in Estonia play pivotal roles in shaping and implementing innovation-friendly policies.

Bringing stakeholders from various sectors and countries together, empowers the European innovation procurement network. Mainly through valuable collaborations and knowledge sharing. This is the final scope of the BUILD project – to help Europe remain at the forefront of innovation, shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for all!

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