Understanding the benefits of Innovation Procurement through real-life cases

Innovation procurement has emerged as a powerful tool to address pressing environmental, urban, and societal challenges. By strategically adopting this approach, many countries across Europe have witnessed remarkable improvements. In this article, we would like to showcase the benefits of Innovation Procurement through practical cases. All of them are based on our BUILD’s partner countries’ experiences from Estonia, Finland, and the Netherlands. They could help you have a clearer idea of what the meaning of “innovation” really is, and to brainstorm some ideas for your city as well!

Get an idea about Innovation Procurement potential with these examples which have already proven to enhance various areas. 


The country launched the world’s first nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network, making EV adoption more accessible and attractive. Through innovative procurement practices, Estonia successfully partnered with private companies to deploy charging infrastructure, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and a shift towards cleaner transportation alternatives.

This project has promoted the use of recycled materials in construction projects, encouraged resource-efficient design and facilitated the development of innovative recycling technologies. Such initiatives have resulted in reduced waste generation and in the creation of a thriving ecosystem of circular economy businesses.


Amsterdam’s innovative procurement approach facilitated the development of smart grid technologies, enabling efficient energy management and the integration of renewable energy sources. Additionally, through collaboration with startups and research institutions, the Netherlands has implemented smart mobility solutions, transforming urban transportation systems and reducing congestion and pollution.


Through strategic collaborations with startups and research institutions, Finland has introduced digital health solutions, telemedicine platforms, and remote patient monitoring systems. These innovations have resulted in improved healthcare accessibility. Moreover, they also empowered individuals to actively manage their well-being, which resulted in enhanced health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

To name just a few real case examples. But it is clear, that their activity could unlock transformative solutions and set benchmarks for innovation-driven progresses. The BUILD’s partner countries have experienced a positive change in societal well-being, sustainability transformation and in business opportunities.

The BUILD project’s mission for the upcoming months is to help other cities and nations to follow suit and harness Innovation Procurement potential since it can benefit more widely our communities!

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