nnovation Procurement Capacity Building: Insights from Estonia's Training in Tartu

In the picturesque city of Tartu (Estonia), the BUILD training took place, igniting conversations and fostering insights into the realm of innovation procurement. On 3. April 2024, procurement specialists and stakeholders met at the VSpa Conference Center, for a dynamic exploration of innovative procurement practices.

The event saw the participation of 47 individuals, both in person and remotely. From legal intricacies to practical insights, the agenda offered a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted landscape of innovation procurement focused on the Estonian reality.

The proceedings kicked off with an enlightening presentation by Henk Jan Siersema, a Senior Advisor at PIANOo. He delved into the nuances of Dutch Public Procurement and the essential steps of needs assessment. This session, conducted in English, provided a global perspective on procurement practices, setting the stage for insightful discussions to follow.


Following suit, Rahel Klaas, a Senior Consultant at CIVITTA Eesti AS, spoke about the intricacies of pre-procurement technical dialogue, unraveling both the fears and opportunities inherent in innovation procurement. Jaanus Tamm, a Project Manager from the Tartu City Government and our colleague in BUILD, shed light on the strategic use of competitive dialogue, offering practical insights drawn from local experiences.

Siret Suurväli, a Procurement Lawyer from the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, introduced attendees to the online innovation procurement guide, offering a valuable resource to navigate the complexities of innovative procurement practices in Estonia.

Even the coffee break was a useful learning moment, offering a space where sharing opinions, fostering networking opportunities and informal exchanges among participants took place.

The highlight of the event was the moderated discussion, led by Liina Helstein from the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Participants engaged with a lot of interest, exploring a wide range of topics from legal considerations to resource constraints and budget management in innovative procurement.

Throughout the training, participants exhibited a particular interest in legal aspects, reflecting the growing importance of compliance and governance in innovation procurement initiatives. Despite the challenges posed by resource constraints and budget limitations, the enthusiasm and determination to drive innovation remained untouched.

Key observations from both the organisers and participants underscored the lack of shared resources and the need for comprehensive guidance, underscoring the demand for collaborative solutions and knowledge-sharing platforms.

Looking ahead, the imminent publication of the online innovation procurement guide garnered significant interest, promising to serve as a valuable resource for procurement specialists across Estonia.

The BUILD team can’t wait to share it with you all.

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