Innovation Procurement Task Force

What is Innovation Procurement Task Force and Why is it Important?

The European Union is constantly seeking ways to promote sustainability, resilience, and innovation across its member states. In an effort to drive progress in these areas, PROCEDIN, BUILD and Health InnoFacilitator projects have recently launched the Innovation Procurement Task Force, a collaborative initiative aimed at supporting procurement in innovative areas such as the circular economy, green mobility, and healthcare. The task force is comprised of three EU-funded projects, each with a unique focus and approach to innovation procurement.

  • The PROCEDIN project is designed to encourage the adoption of procurement of innovation (POI) in the context of European cities’ sustainability and resilience agendas. This project leverages existing resources and professional networks to increase knowledge, skills, and motivation for POI, with a particular focus on the circular economy and green mobility.
  •  The BUILD project aims to provide high-quality training and capacity building services to cities in the area of innovation procurement. This project trains public and private procurers, SMEs, and start-ups in various aspects of procurement, including legal knowledge, market consultation, pre-commercial procurement, and risk assessment.
  • Health InnoFacilitator is focused on promoting innovation procurement within the healthcare sector. This project provides support and tailored training to buyers and suppliers, and will develop a community of individuals committed to innovation procurement in healthcare.

The Innovation Procurement Task Force is important because it provides a platform for cities, businesses, and organisations to collaborate and drive progress in innovative areas. By working together, these entities can leverage each other’s strengths and expertise, ultimately leading to more sustainable and resilient communities. The EU-funded projects that form the task force will play a critical role in fostering innovation procurement and helping to realise these important goals.

In addition to the individual initiatives of each project, the Innovation Procurement Task Force will also collaborate on joint activities and communications. This includes the creation of a joint newsletter to share updates, best practices, and success stories in the area of innovation procurement. The newsletter will be a valuable resource for all stakeholders looking to learn more about the latest developments in this field.

Joint activities will be an integral part of the task force, with each project working together to organise workshops, webinars, and other events aimed at promoting innovation procurement. These activities will provide opportunities for participants to network, exchange ideas, and learn from one another, furthering the goals of the task force and advancing the field of innovation procurement.

Finally, the Task Force is calling for participation from cities, businesses, and organisations looking to get involved in the field of innovation procurement. By joining the Task Force, these entities can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the EU-funded projects, including training and capacity building, networking and collaboration, and the sharing of best practices and success stories. With the support of the EU and the collaboration of its members, the Innovation Procurement Task Force is poised to make a significant impact in promoting innovation procurement and driving progress in sustainability, resilience, and innovation.

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