Procurement Strategies & Innovation (PSI) 2024

Discover Rotterdam's sustainability journey

When: June 5-7, 2024
Where: Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

What to expect

During the #UrbanFuture conference week, Rotterdam is excited to share its knowledge and learn from other cities. This mirrors the city’s character and the essence of Urban Future, making it a perfect match. The journey to explore this exciting transformation together begins at UF24.

Kicking off UF24

Chantal Zeegers, Vice Mayor of Rotterdam, and Gerald Babel-Sutter, CEO and Co-Founder of Urban Future, have invited active and innovative organizations in the area to join Europe’s most inspiring event for sustainable cities.

The desired outcomes

The goal is to collect exciting stories, uncover amazing spots for field trips, and collaborate with passionate partners. If you’re a Rotterdam enthusiast and have fantastic ideas to contribute, your input is highly welcome. Just fill out the form.

Facts we love

  • Rotterdam is on track to become a fully circular society and a climate-neutral city by 2050.
  • The city has implemented over 50 new measures to reduce greenhouse gases and promote a CO2-free economy.
  • Rotterdam prioritizes projects that lower energy consumption in households.
  • Urban greening initiatives are actively promoted to mitigate heat island effects.
  • The city is at the forefront of championing circular economy practices to conserve valuable resources.

About Rotterdam

We are proud to have this innovative and sustainable municipality in our BUILD Consortium!

Rotterdam is a city where growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand. With its vibrant and diverse community of over 170 nationalities, the city boasts a unique and dynamic vibe. Rotterdam has a long history as a pioneer in urban transformations, consistently adapting and evolving.

One of Rotterdam’s key strengths is the successful collaboration between the local government, the business industry, and knowledge institutions. This is exemplified by the Rotterdam Climate Agreement, a groundbreaking pact signed by the city’s government and over a hundred companies and organizations.

Discover how Rotterdam is leading the way towards a sustainable future, learn more about the event here. 

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