D3.1 Value proposition and Engagement Strategy

BUILD report on stakeholders needs and expectations

The consortium of the BUILD initiative is happy to share the Value Proposition and Engagement Strategy. The first report presenting the insights on how to resonate with Innovation Procurement stakeholders.

The document is based on the interactive events and expert knowledge that have characterised the first months of our project. To gain useful information on customers´ perspectives, we used collaborative tools such as an Empathy Map and a Value proposition Canvas. 

They really helped us with answering some key questions: 

  •   who we are empathising with – our target group
  •   what they do and need to do
  •   what their expectations, challenges and potential gains are.

Thanks to them, we are able to provide a tailored service for our target audience, making the work efficient and valuable. The collected statements and ideas will work as a lighthouse for the coming activities planned for innovation procurers and providers.

Our Engagement strategy

The most important thing when engaging stakeholders of the BUILD activities, is to tailor the messaging in a way that resonates with the receivers and maximises the engagement level.
The identified best propositions will be valuable tools to engage providers and procurers in the upcoming tasks of BUILD project, such as: 

  •   mapping key actors
  •   organising networking meetings
  •   providing educational material: knowledge pills, training sessions and staff exchanges. 

In line with the BUILD project goals 

The aim of BUILD project aims at providing training and capacity building targeted at upskilling the public procurers and innovation procurement providers, in order to facilitate mutual learning and faster the adoption of innovation. To succeed in this goal, the project wants to set up a pro-active dissemination which will facilitate  outreach to target audiences. Our Value Proposition and Engagement Strategy is based exactly on value propositions created in a workshop that engaged  all consortium partners who condensed the most efficient propositions for the BUILD project’s target audience. 

Now, when the BUILD Consortium has a clearer vision of what its stakeholders need and expect, it will be easier to provide specific support for Innovation procurers and buyers. Especially by sharing our consortium expertise, while keeping our ears open to stakeholder needs and inputs. 

More information on our Engagement Strategy

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